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I can remember one of the first times I made this dish and my kids thought it was soooooo nasty when they saw me put it in their bowls.  Yep, I'm one of those moms that made her kids eat nasty stuff when they were five and three years old so

I love, love, love a great turkey burger and a lot of people who eat my turkey burgers love them too, so I've decided to let the secret recipe out!  Really it's simple and most of the ingredients you will already have in your house!  Together these spices make a

I can remember the first time I heard about tongue scrapping I was like, "What in the world is this?"  I knew I could take my toothbrush and brush my tongue, but a stainless steel tool I should buy and use with my toothbrush seemed a bit over the top.  However,

"You have to wake up each morning with an 'I can do this' attitude to be successful Morgan," I told myself about a year ago! You see, I always thought I was a night owl and was productive in the evening;

I found out this week there is a difference between "mess" and "clutter!"  Journey with me....
Passover, Spring Clean and De-cluttering for a physical move to another state all converged at the same time for me this year.  I love the idea of spring cleaning and getting all of


My mouth did a happy Hip Hop dance when I took an ordinary can of tuna and added this simple homemade dressing... I hope you try it!  To really set it off, add some diced red onion to taste.

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