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As a black woman who grew up in the South from 12 years old until 23 I should have been given my “She can throw down Southern Cookin’ Card;” however, I guess being born in the North they didn’t give those out in October of 1976.

This has become one of my favorite drinks at night.  It has amazing health benefits like lowering blood sugar and reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body usually leads to disease so anything I can drink to bring about reduced inflammation I'm completely down with!

I love a great Super Bowl game.  Well, I really should say I love the idea of a GREAT Super Bowl Family Party during the game.   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching football at times, but I just think I like the tradition of the day and eating fun

The night before Thanksgiving I heard my sister moan and scream a little bit like something was really hot in her mouth.  I was like, what in the world?  I mean, she and her husband were at the kitchen sink washing freshly picked mustard and turnip greens, what could be

I told you in the last newsletter I was going to give you my run down on skincare and how God helped me clear my adult acne naturally!  It's been a process; however, I'm thankful for the journey and what it has taught me. 

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