Curry Chicken Crockpot Stew

I can remember one of the first times I made this dish and my kids thought it was soooooo nasty when they saw me put it in their bowls.  Yep, I’m one of those moms that made her kids eat nasty stuff when they were five and three years old so they might develop more mature taste buds.  However, now my kids love this dish.

It’s so super simple and you can make it Paleo or Vegan if you want.  You all know, I’m a busy work at home mom and cooking each night is hard for me (Yes, even though I work out of my home it’s still hard to stop and cook in the middle of the day with clients, etc.), especially when the boys have sports at night, so cooking with the crockpot makes eating healthy homemade meals doable.

I won’t take too much of your time belaboring stories about this meal, ’cause nobody has time for all that, but just know it’s been received as one of the best and most flavorful meals I’ve made for family and friends.  I make the dish for others when I go out of town, I’ve brought it to people after they give birth or someone passes away… Just know the person is always asking for the recipe, it never fails!  I originally got the inspiration for this dish from website.

2.5 pounds organic boneless chicken thigh meat

2 cups carrots cut into thick slices

1 medium yellow or white onion

2 Roma tomatoes, diced

2 cans coconut milk

1 cup water

2 tablespoons mild curry powder

4 teaspoons Herbamare or sea salt

1 head of cauliflower broken into small pieces

A bag of chopped Kale, chopped cilantro


Put chopped onions and carrots in the bottom of the slow cooker. 

Place the chicken thighs on top of the onions and carrots. 

Put the spices in and cook for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. 

When you are 1/2 way through cooking add the cauliflower and tomatoes. 

Add Kale in the last hour.

Vegan option:  Replace chicken with 2 cans of black eye peas.
If you are making the vegan version just add beans when you add cauliflower and tomatoes. 

Serve over brown rice or cauliflower rice if you want to make it a paleo dish.  Garnish with cilantro. 



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