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I told you in the last newsletter I was going to give you my run down on skincare and how God helped me clear my adult acne naturally!  It’s been a process; however, I’m thankful for the journey and what it has taught me.  You see, for many years the above quote was soooooo true!  I almost “hated” wearing my skin!  Don’t get me wrong I love who God created me to be, but the acne that covered my face made me sooooo self-conscious.  I wouldn’t dare go out of the house without “full foundation coverage” until…

YES UNTIL I went to get a facial last year at Cornerstone’s Spa in Warrington, PA and the therapist challenged me to stop wearing ANY makeup for 2 weeks and give up my “BB cream” too.  I almost wanted to crawl under a rock and stay in my house for two weeks, but I decided to live by the words I tell my clients, “Beauty is what’s inside your heart, not your outward appearance.”  BEST decision ever!  It showed me that my makeup choices were “killing” my skin and I didn’t need to hide under makeup to feel “pretty.”   So I set out to find all new “natural” stuff…  Here’s what I came up with.

Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is Your Own Skin


Before you think some cream is going to solve your acne issues you might want to think again!  Yes, it might “mask” it, but the root cause is not being addressed.  It’s like being “dehydrated” and taking an Advil for a headache…  A headache might go away, but you are still dehydrated and doing all kinds of damage to your insides.  So here are some steps to take to help clean up the insides.

  • Try a 21-30 day detox diet.  I lead people through 2-3 times a year called “Gut Check 21;” however, there are others out there.  Let me know if you need help in this area.
  • Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day.  Water is KEY!
  • Take a good probiotic daily.  Eat probiotic/fermented foods (Greek Yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, etc)
  • Take a good digestive enzyme.  This helps you break down foods so your body can absorb the nutrients.
  • Limit the Sugar and Fried Foods in your life
  • Eat loads of color vegetable. EAT the RAINBOW.
  • Check the medications you are taking, especially birth control pills.  They alter your hormone levels which can lead to skin irruptions.  They did for me, so I stopped taking them and opted to have my tubes tied since our family was complete.  I’m aware this is a very personal decision you would need to make, just consider it could be a source of your issues.
what's your skin telling you


So, after I was challenged to walk around bare-faced for 2 weeks to give my skin a break and see if the products I was using had something to do with my outbreaks, I was determined to use that time to find new organic products that would nourish my skin.  Here is what I came up with…

skin face mask
  • After I moisturize and before I put on my makeup in the morning I use “Veil” by HourGlass mineral primer.
  • My foundation is “Tarte” Amazonian clay full coverage foundation. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
  • For my eyes, I use Origins GinZing or coconut oil to keep the dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness away.

I also make sure I apply my foundation with a foundation brush that I wash out and spray with alcohol after each use.  I do the same with my blush brush.  You would be surprised at the amount of bacteria that’s introduced to your face every day if you don’t wash your brushes. 

skin products


If you recall I talked about eating more fermented foods (Probiotic rich foods)… These are foods that help populate your gut with good bacteria to help fight the bad bacteria that seeks to make us “sick, sluggish, and acne prone.”  Of course you can buy fermented foods in the Grocery store; however, this is a great recipe for making your own with fresh veggies you love!  Check it out.  I enjoy making them myself… check it out!


So I’m a BELIEVER… I’ve spent years trying to have clear, clean skin and I have to admit it’s been a LONG road to finding it but praise God He opened my eyes to a few amazing natural products and food sources.  I thought I’d share one of my finds with you this month, so pick up a bottle of witch hazel (trust me it’s cheap) with some cotton balls and use it after you wash your face EVERYDAY…. within a month watch… CLEARER SKIN!

Dr. Axe explains it best.  Check out his article below!


So here is the proof that my face was NOT always clear and clean.  Now granted these photos are over 13+ years apart.  Nevertheless, up until about a year ago, I was breaking out all the time.

The one on the left I had FULL makeup on for a photo shoot I was doing.  The photographer had a lot of Photoshop work, eek!  The photo on the right is of me 2 weeks ago with ZERO makeup on!  Yes ZERO, no foundation either!

Oops, there is one area I didn’t address… DARK MARKS.  How did I get rid of them?  I went to Rosen Cosmetic Surgery in Doylestown, PA and they treated my face with a laser:  The Alma Harmony dye VL.  After 3-4 treatments, my dark marks really started to fade.  I was also treated with hydroquinone cream as well.  Yes, I did try “over the counter” fade creams but nothing seemed to work, as I had so much hyperpigmentation going on.

before and after

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