"Do All Things With Joy" is all about sharing what brings me joy to others, and in the process, I pray you find the things that personally bring you JOY! This page will change as I discover more and more companies and organizations that usher in JOY and help make my life, shall I dare say… More JOYFUL!
Kimberly Joy
CEO, Do All Things With Joy, LLC.


I’m all for customer service and this internet technology consultant company is top notch.  I adore the level of support offered with my website hosting and domain selections.   They are also fantastic with consulting their clients on the best options for site security and speed.  Your site content will be managed confidentially and with care.
Zoom is the way I communicate with my clients across the globe especially when they want to have a face-to-face conversation or session.  I teach online classes through Zoom and have conferences with my peers and vendors.  Everyone in business should use Zoom.   It opens up your client reach and ability to communicate with them on a more personal level.
Rincey Philip is my interior designer based out of Dubai (yep out of the country!).  She is so talented and visionary and was able to design and consult virtually to help me redesign my master bedroom.  Her design concepts are fresh and new:  Simple elegance!  I’m still working on adding design elements, but it’s shaping up very nicely.  
There came a time in business where paperwork, emails, contracts and basic conversations were getting harder to manage with clients; however, I was introduced to 17 Hats by my friend and fellow “boss lady entrepreneur” Rincey Philips and business life took on new meaning.  I was able to send contracts, email and keep important client documents in one place.  I was also able to offer I higher level of customer service by offering my clients their own personal portals.  This is “next level” boss lady business tools.  Check them out. 
This website is astounding.   My interior designer Rincey Philip based out of Dubai.  She is so talented and visionary and was able to design and consult virtually to help me redesign my master bedroom.  I’m still working on adding design elements, but it’s shaping up very nicely.  Pictures will come once I finish it.  If you want to see how this feature works click on this link!
Dr. Cameron Guida Dr. Cameron Guida Generation Chiropractic
I’m a firm believer in Chiropractic care because taking care of your spine’s alignment is so important.   However, at times I must admit I would get extremely nervous under the supervision of chiropractic doctors that uses manual adjustment technique, especially when I couldn’t get to the one I wanted to see in Atlanta GA before I meet Dr. Cameron.  Manual adjustments always made me apprehensive.  Generation Chiropractic Care is lovely and extremely caring, but what I love most is the technique he uses for his care.  It’s called Torque Release Technique (TRT) and is neurologically based chiropractic care.  He uses a hand-held adjusting instrument, a non-linear, vitalistic & tonal model.  If in the Greenville area I highly suggest reaching out to him
Grace Massage and Wellness CentersGrace Massage and Wellness CentersBody Massage
I’ve never gotten a massage as enjoyable as the one I got from Valencia Littlejohn!  She doesn’t just massage your body looking for knots, she examines your structural alignment and will massage muscles that release tension and muscular imbalances.  She treats the whole body in a very therapeutic way!  You won’t find many out there like her.  I also love her spa’s environment it’s very peaceful, clean, and inviting.  She also sells Young Living Essential Oils at her Spa.
Toya Hudson is a beautiful soul inside and out!  I love her attention to detail and how she knows her stuff when it comes to all things waxing especially eyebrows.  I was so impressed when my girl Portia in South Carolina introduced me to her for the first time.  He was so thorough with her consultation and was the only person I had ever been to who measured my brows and found the perfect shape and arch for my eyebrows!  I love her work!  If you book a session with her, please let her know I sent you!

If you want to create amazing marketing for your business look no farther than MOO.  I can’t tell you how many business card compliments I get.  I truly love this company and all the detail options you have that make that first impression pop! You can even print a different design on every card. They are totally priced competitively and the product is rock solid.

Passion PlannersPassion Plannerswww.passionplanner.com

This is totally my “go-to” planner.  I grew up using the Franklin Covey System; however, once smartphones took over I tried to adapt to the new tech way of organizing my life, but I found myself overscheduled and I never seemed to be working towards my goals and passions.  One day in 2015 I was introduced to Passion Planners and my life has never been the same.  Check out her site it’s amazing.  If you happen to order please tell them I referred you by placing my email in your order notes: info@mykimberlysjoy.com.  Just so you know… I give the planners they send me to people who might not be able to afford one.  It’s one way I get to give back!  Remember, the reference email MUST be entered at the time of checkout in order to receive a referral credit.

Kesha WilliamsKesha WilliamsBranding Photography

I knew I was going to love working with Kesha Williams as my branding photographer when she came in asking me questions about my “ideal client” and what I wanted to project through my images. She comes in listening to your ideas and asks lots of questions to get to know you and your style and what you want to convey to your customers and clients. When she arrived at my home, she was extremely prompt and professional and shot with care, but speed as well.  She knows lighting, angles, and what lens to use when. What I love most? She gets her subjects and helps bring YOU out of the shot.

I love the App PocketSuite!  I've been using PocketSuite for a year, and it lets you run your business over text.  I’m able to schedule clients, send invoices, set up subscriptions and packages text/call clients, and so much more.  Download it from the App Store your business needs.

Toinette Rorie, Principal Web Development ManagerToinette Rorie, Principal Web Development ManagerPremier Web Design Solutions, LLC

I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Toinette Rorie is in the area of Web Development. She indeed is a developer and can build a site from scratch. She understands functionality and is great at constructing a site that is robust and fully functioning. She listens to her clients and delivers an outstanding product in a timely fashion that surpasses your initial desires. The site you are currently on was wholly designed and developed by her, and I couldn’t be happier with its design and function.

Jasmyne Alexis, Makeup ArtistJasmyne Alexis, Makeup ArtistFInd Your BEAT w/ Jasmyne Alexis

Now, this is an area where I’m very hard to please because I don’t really like to wear makeup, but when I do it has to be natural looking, although at times I love a pop of color on the lips. Jasmyne knows how to do natural looks and she can glam you up as well. She comes well prepared and has such a sweet and loving personality! A true artist! Her prices are fantastic at as well.

Varnessa Bails, Wardrobe StylistVarnessa Bails, Wardrobe Stylistvarnessabails.com

This woman just gets my style.  She never tries to make me into someone I’m not through my wardrobe. I have my own sense of style, and I like shopping for myself; however, when I have those special moments (photoshoots/special events) she always comes through. She owns her own online boutique shopposhandluxe.com which has lovely pieces you won’t find in the stores. Three of the articles I’m wearing on my website are from her boutique. She cares about the details and will style you with elegance and class.

Tiffany Nicole, Hair Stylist/MUATiffany Nicole, Hair Stylist/MUAHair Stylist/MUA

I can’t tell you how many people stop me and ask, “Who does your locs?”  I always proudly reply, Tiffany Nicole. I love my stylist. She gets me and my “simplicity” and understated style. She keeps my locs healthy and maintained, and she also knows I hate going under the drier and I don’t do bobby pins, so she always has my back and gets it done without either of those evil practices coming out and my hair looks GREAT.

Melissa Scott Jackson, Cranberry Blue Websites + LogosMelissa Scott Jackson, Cranberry Blue Websites + LogosCranberry Blue Websites + Logos

If you are looking for someone to design your logo, create a killer brochure for your business or even customize and update your website template for you this is the woman for you! I love how she takes her time and gets to know you and your branding. She was willing to listen to my suggestions on revisions, and she designed the perfect logo for Do All Things With Joy, LLC. She is also responsible for my Health Coaching pamphlets and the Gut Check 21 pamphlets as well.