There Is A Difference Between Mess And Clutter

There is a difference between mess and clutter

Personal Connection…
I found out this week there is a difference between “mess” and “clutter!”  Journey with me….

Passover, Spring Clean and De-cluttering for a physical move to another state all converged at the same time for me this year.  I love the idea of spring cleaning and getting all of the useless things out of my life.  I love Passover because it’s a time to reflect on useless “sinful” practices or habits I’ve formed over the years and handing them over to God hopefully getting them out of practice for good. (Truly, I’m grateful to God for sending His Son to us so we don’t have to “try” and be perfect.  Our sins are covered by Him as the final and perfect Passover Lamb).  For thousands of years the physical act or manifestation of getting the yeast/leaven out of the house before “Passover” and “The Feast of Unleavened Bread” begin was critical to productivity and created that all important deadline for getting things DONE that we humans (at least me) needed.

Now, speaking of deadlines… I had a hard and fast one when it came to DE-cluttering so we could list our house on the market by 4/7/2015.  Now don’t get me wrong, while I hated it and felt like I was swimming in junk for a week, I emerged lighter and enlightened.


Messes can be cleaned up quickly… Clutter kills time and productivity.  You have to clean out the LIFE CLUTTER to MAKE ROOM for JOY!

clean out life clutter


  • Make time each year to clean out the clutter.
  • Set a deadline for getting it all done.  I realize now how important setting a daily productivity timer can be.
  • Take things in small chunks (one drawer a day, etc).  Trust me, doing just one thing a day provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • Involve the entire family (my kids had to get rid of toys and clothes they don’t use.  It was “freeing” for them, too).
  • Ask yourself the hard questions (i.e. “Do I really need this box of cables/wires/key?  Everything in the house I use works.  These must be from old appliances/electronics…”  Conclusion:  It’s time to let them go!)
  • Sometimes you have to just turn out the lights on your mess and go to bed… In the morning it’s still there but a fresh set of eyes makes it all seem less daunting. Applicable to most things in life!  Sleep Matters!
  • Simply… SIMPLIFY!  When you do, you give yourself permission to breathe more and make room for memories to grow and emerge out of the mess!

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