Deanna Teufel, Yoga Instructor, Young Living Executive, Wife & MomDeanna Teufel, Yoga Instructor, Young Living Executive, Wife & Mom

From the moment Kimberly stepped into my life more than six years ago, she’s been a blessing to my family and me. Her positive and charismatic energy radiates through everything she touches. Whether taking her energetic Zumba class, being next to her on the yoga mat or pumping iron with her out the gym, she gives nothing less than 100% both instructing and taking. Her motto that there is “always something to be learned” is clearly walked and talked on her life’s path.

I’ve also been a witness to the beautiful unfolding of her 21-day gut check program. I’ve seen not only my knowledge but also my family’s knowledge of healthy choices flourish. It was just today, while shopping, that  my daughter said: “Miss Kimberly should be on a big TV screen in Target letting people know how to make healthier food choices.”  Kids just “get it.”

This program will not only change the way you view food, but it will also change the way your family sees it. Priceless…

What I can promise you is, not only will you get in-depth, knowledgeable and accurate information from a health coach, but you will also get someone with a God loving, shining heart of gold that will stop nothing short of supporting you on your journey to be the happiest, healthiest and most informed version of you.

Amanda Stass, Co-owner Pilates Couture, LLC, Young Living Silver LeaderAmanda Stass, Co-owner Pilates Couture, LLC, Young Living Silver Leader

Kimberly is an inspiration! Her knowledge and passion for health and wellness are beyond anything that I have ever experienced! I have been with Kim since day 1; her programs bring tremendous success, are extremely detail oriented and easy to follow!

I have tried it all from the south beach diet to going vegan, and nothing has brought life-changing results the way her programs have!

She has shown me how too genuinely use food to fuel the body! Her programs not only teach you about food, but they also teach you about movement, connection, meaning, and purpose. I have learned that to honestly find the balance you have to take the bad stuff out and put the right things in. I have recommended her programs to several of my family members, friends, and clients, they whom all have had tremendous success as well!

Joining her programs have given me the energy to enjoy life and to take on whatever life decides to hand me!

Lynn Canty, Wife, Mom, Substitute TeacherLynn Canty, Wife, Mom, Substitute Teacher

Kimberly was able to help me work on my goals by giving practical strategies and tools to implement in my day-to-day. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been an increased resolution in making every day a new day and celebrating the small steps in the desired direction. *small The most significant overall change I noticed has been my ability to better balance my family and personal needs. I would describe Kimberly as motivating, positive and focused on helping you start from where you are to building a path to where you want to be. She has taught me that the key to a healthier you is understanding your body and its needs as there is no one size fits all. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who is interested in having someone help them balance life and incorporate healthy habits.

Alyson Muenster Zimmer, Group Fitness Instructor & Mom of 4Alyson Muenster Zimmer, Group Fitness Instructor & Mom of 4

Kimberly’s passion for nutrition is evident in the programs she creates.  She has spent months researching the effects of food on the body out of necessity when doctors’ options were not working.  She continued her formal education to become a certified health coach.  Her nutrition programs are well thought out, easy to follow, organized and WORK!  Kimberly definitely walks the walk and lives this program daily.  She creates easy to follow programs that have been well navigated so participants know potential pitfalls and are given the tools to avoid them.  Shopping lists, recipes, and menus are provided for success and can easily be incorporated to change your lifestyle beyond the program.  My favorite part of the programs are the reasoning behind the suggestions.  Kimberly sites articles and scientific reasoning behind the combinations of foods or timing of types of foods that help participants buy into the program.  Besides the weight loss, the way I felt on the program was wonderful.  I never felt hungry, ate quality food, learned new favorite recipes, and helped my family to learn to eat cleaner.  Even if you don’t have weight to lose, expanding your knowledge of food can always be beneficial.  I highly recommend her!

Janora, SAG ActressJanora, SAG Actress

There are not enough powerful things to say about working with Kimberly as my personal coach. We started working together the four months leading up to my wedding. I had a serious goal of fitting into both my wedding and my reception dresses. In our time together not only did I lose several dress sizes to reach my goal, I also developed an arsenal of tools and resources to maintain my progress and healthier lifestyle. With Kimberly, I’ve learned the foods that agree with my body and now have recipes to reflect that. We also went grocery shopping together so I’m now better equipped to read labels and select foods that build better health. Kimberly provided a solid workout regiment to help me add muscle definition to my weight loss. Kimberly also introduced me to the world of essential oils which I am now faithfully incorporating into my ongoing routine. Our one-on-one sessions also encompassed way more than just health and fitness. No matter what personal or professional challenge I was facing, from mastering daily habits & self-sabotage to clearing up my clutter & graphic design, Kimberly actively listened and was able to help me work toward a solution. At the end of every session, I received the recap of our conversation, the list and links to the resources that were suggested and the goals that we set for our next appointment. Working with Kimberly also added the layer of accountability that I needed but without the judgment or guilt attached. In every conversation, Kimberly always came from a very kind yet a very real and direct place. She never sugar-coated anything but at the same time always knew how to communicate with me in a genuine way that I understood and respected. Our time together also allowed me to participate in her outstanding “Gut Check 21” program. In addition to having access to the course sessions and materials, I was also able to become part of a larger community of like-minded women on a similar journey. Kimberly isn’t about calorie counting. Her coaching was truly a holistic approach to my entire life. Kimberly is a walking wealth of knowledge that truly cares about every person she works with. I am so blessed to have been in that number. She will always have my highest praise and recommendation.

Nancy Manning, Greenville, SC Empowerment Speaker | Transformational CoachNancy Manning, Greenville, SC Empowerment Speaker | Transformational Coach

Kimberly was able to help me work towards my goals by helping me identify some emotional underlining issues that kept me from losing weight for years. Once I acknowledged it, it was like scales were removed. Something shifted in ME! The "weight loss" process was really a "weight release" process for me. The non-judgemental loving environment Kim creates made it safe for me to let go and "release" the things I allowed to hold me back. This brought clarity to my situation, so I began to focus on what was truly important in my life. Through her expertise and nutritional guidance, I had already changed my diet. She challenged me to take further action by exercising regularly and my body began to release weight and change. Kimberly help me locate, identify, uncover and dig up the real cause of my weight issue. She offered accountability and support every step of the way. Health is not just physical! it covers every aspect of our life! spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, family, career, passions purpose, fulfillment etc. If you've worked with fitness trainers, weight loss professionals, nutritionist, life coaches, meditation experts, holistic doctors, used every diet pill and supplement under the sun, tried every weight loss program known to mankind and you've NEVER worked with a Health Coach before, but you're ready for a REAL transformation! I encourage you to work with Kimberly Morgan. Your LIFE will NEVER be the same! She will empower you to "LIVE Your BEST Life"- Ruben West. From one coach to another Thank you, Kim, for how you're showing up in the world! "SHOW UP for YOUR LIFE because if you don't, NO one else will"- Andy Henriquez

Janet Foster-Whitley, Director of Operational ExcellenceJanet Foster-Whitley, Director of Operational Excellence

Janet Foster-Whitley and GroupKimberly was able to help me work towards my goals by helping me lose weight, learn more about being healthy overall and improving myself.  I was able to work towards these goals by taking the time to understand my specific situation and tailoring her approach to meet my needs.  Kimberly was both motivational and inspirational.  She helped me work on more than just the physical; we focused on the spiritual person, and my individual needs.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been the level of my knowledge and understanding when it comes to food and exercise had increased exponentially.  There is so much I did not know before working with Kimberly.  The most significant overall change I noticed has been my improved overall health.  I have lost 15 pounds (including the muscle I’ve gained) from the effective workout plans where I did not need a gym!  My attention to my diet has changed and I’m never hungry.  I also shop differently at grocery stores.  I would describe Kimberly as very knowledgeable, professional, caring, motivational, dedicated, and passionate about her area of expertise.  Kimberly was the perfect coach for me.   I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a step change in their lives.  Kimberly is there to guide and help along with way.  You have to be ready to do your part.  My overall experience having Kimberly as a health coach was life-changing for me.  I have learned and grown as a result of our six months working together.  I am using many of the things I learned with my family and friends.  Thank you!!


Steve Before and After

The most obvious difference is I have lost weight.  I am down just over 9# as of this morning.  I didn’t have much to lose, but now I am getting really ripped!!!  The biggest difference for me isin my abs and belly.  I don’t have bloat issues like I used to and when I eat I feel full but not uncomfortable.  I also feel incredibly “tight” regularly –that is a good thing.  My energy level is great!!!  The first week was tough, especially at the gym.  Part of that is because I also eliminated all of my pre and post training supplements as well as protein bars and powders.  I started adding back hemp protein in week two.  I blend a banana, coconut milk, and vanilla hemp powder before I go to the gym.  Tastes delicious!!!  I also noticed that I am not hungry as much in between meals and my mood is better.  My digestive and elimination process is also different.  My stomach doesn’t “growl” anymore and I am pooping less frequently, but with better quality.  Another interesting thing is that I don’t seem to have cravings for foods as bad as thought I would.  Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to having some foods and drinks that I haven’t had during this process, but I don’t feel like I’ll need to have them as a regular part of my diet.  It has been a great process so far and I am very pleased with the results.

Varnessa Bails, Wardrobe StylistVarnessa Bails, Wardrobe Stylist

Kimberly was able to help me work towards my goals by creating an open and safe environment to be vulnerable about where I am currently in life. She is relatable and very understanding about where I am in life and the goals I wish to accomplish. Kimberly has a way of communicating that turns the "light bulb" on to pursue my goals. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my waistline (lol). When I started out with Kimberly, I wasn't comfortable or satisfied with how I looked. My so-called diets didn't work for me. When working with Kimberly and knowing my blood type, she taught me how important it is to eat according to my blood type and why. After removing things that didn't fit with my body makeup and making small habit changes, I was able to grab smaller size pants and see my waistline again! The most significant overall change I noticed has been my relationships. When I started out with Kimberly, relationships had me in a rut (friends, family, etc). I had people grouped in categories that really didn't qualify to be there and Kimberly helped me to understand the difference, which was very freeing for me. I didn't have to be everything to everyone and I get to choose who gets me. It was liberating. I would describe Kimberly as sweet, kindhearted, humble, beautiful, knowledgeable, honest... I could go on. However, Kimberly has helped my life in so many ways that I could spend a lot describing who she is to me. She has taught me how to step outside the box and just do it... even if it scares the life out of me. To approach people I would never consider approaching. To let things and people go that are toxic because it overalls affects EVERYTHING (my weight, my life).

I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who is living...

Shari Booth, Wife and MotherShari Booth, Wife and Mother

Kimberly was able to help me work towards these goals by listening and calmly suggesting just a few manageable ideas at a time to implement. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have been introduced to alternative ways of dealing with my issues and started educating myself on healthier food choices. Plus, natural ways to deal with life's stresses and health. The most significant overall change I noticed has been: I am not as scared about my issues. I now have resources and plenty to learn in areas that can benefit me. Essential oils, healthy cooking recipes, smarter food choices, self-help books and new people in my life that are willing to help guide me. I would describe Kimberly as a breath of fresh air. You have a confident calmness that gave me the strength to keep on this new journey when I was very overwhelmed with my situation. I felt at ease opening up to you with my sensitive feelings that I probably wouldn't share as freely with others. I felt you truly cared and had my best interest at heart. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who needs guidance or someone beginning a new journey related to well-being, nutrition or fitness. I feel I found a new road to continue on. Hearing your life's journey through the last six months inspires me to keep seeking what I want to bring to my life that's positive and joyful.

Thank you


When I started my journey with Life Coach Kimberly Morgan, I had three goals: (1) lose 10 pounds, (2) try new/healthier foods and (3) incorporate physical activity into my quality time with my family.  With Coach Kim’s guidance, commitment and inspiration – I SMASHED my goals.  When we finished our six months of bi-weekly sessions I was (1) down 16 pounds, (2) consistently meal planning and cooking a variety of healthy foods for my family (cauliflower rice, kale chips, zucchini boats), and (3) regularly hiking and biking with my husband and two girls (this is a miracle for a city girl).  Coach Kim was able to help me reach my goals by forcing me to be accountable, providing resources for improving mind and body, providing a sounding board in areas that needed improvement and providing simple attainable minor modifications.  But more than just helping meet my goals Coach Kim motivated me to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes and habits into my daily and weekly routine to make life more fulfilling.  For example, I have started a daily Bible practice, taken on Yoga and Barre, and carved out consistent dedicated one-on-one time with my husband.  The biggest change that I have notice is the ability to sustain the healthy lifestyle changes and habits even after our coaching sessions ended almost two months ago – the modifications are so easy to incorporate that it has been easy to keep up.  Since our sessions ended I have lost another 3.5 pounds, continued with meal planning, and maintained my Bible practice.  Working with Coach Kim was truly a life changing experience and I would recommend her to anyone ready to live their best life!

Alyssa Wilson LeggoeAlyssa Wilson Leggoe

Alyssa Wilson Leggoe Before and AfterWhen I started Gut Check 21 with Kimberly in January 2016, I had been stuck for over a year.  Over the course of three babies and a stressful job overseas, I had managed to pack on over forty pounds. I had been monitoring my food and exercise before Gut Check 21 but had limited success.  I didn’t think I really ate “bad” or that I was that out of shape, but I was really kidding myself. I remember that about two years ago, I had stuck a picture on my mirror of myself when I felt healthy as motivation to get back in shape, but it seemed so unreachable that I really didn’t know where to start. The turning point came in November 2015 when I had some blood work done and my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic at age 38. That was the wake-up call I needed to make a change, so I took a chance and put my trust in Kimberly and her Gut Check 21 program. When I first got the list of what we could/could not eat and drink, I honestly did not think I could do it. For the first three days, I felt terrible, literally like I was an addict in withdrawal. But I stuck with it and trusted Kimberly and the program, and I have never looked back.  Now eight months later, I am 65 pounds down from my high (low) point in terms of weight, 55 lbs down from January when I started Gut Check 21. Within two months of starting to work with Kimberly, my blood sugar levels were back to normal and I am now, for the first time in about 10 years, within the healthy weight range recommended by my doctor. I don’t eat clean 100% of the time, but I can say I make it about 90% of the time. The difference now is that I don’t throw in the towel and beat myself up any time I eat something unhealthy because I know how to get back on track. And I feel so much more energetic and stronger when I stick to the program than when I started this journey back in January. I promised myself I would be #fitbefore40, and I made it by my 39th birthday last week! Thank you, Kimberly, for helping me believe in myself to reclaim my health.

Shatarra Parker, Wife, Mom, Music MinisterShatarra Parker, Wife, Mom, Music Minister

Working with Kimberly Morgan over the years has changed my life.  I have learned so much about nutrition and healthy living that I would have never known before.  I have always used excuses such as not having enough time to cook healthy meals or not liking certain foods.  She has challenged me to try other foods and prepare meals in under 30 minutes.  She has shown me how to defeat a sugar addiction, lose weight and live a balanced life.  She genuinely has a passion for people living healthy and not just using people’s weaknesses to earn money.  I can honestly say Kimberly Morgan is saving me from death by avoiding diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure just by showing me how to eat and live a new, healthy life!

Tiffany Nicole Singleton, Master Haircare Specialist, Tiffany Nicole BeautyTiffany Nicole Singleton, Master Haircare Specialist, Tiffany Nicole Beauty
There are so many wonderful things that I can say about Kimberly Joy Morgan. She has for the past year been an absolute gem as a personal fitness and nutrition coach. After completing Gut Check 21, I had all the tools I need to get my weight-loss going diet wise, but I was in a funk with the physical aspect. She took me on a personal training client and the rest is history. At almost 100 lbs lost, I am learning and doing more every day. She has not only pushed me to my limits physically, but she has actually helped me to like it by introducing different types of exercises but she also listened to me in regards to what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. She tailored my workouts to my physical capabilities and interest and now I look forward to our sessions. When I was 413 lbs, I only dreamed of doing some of the things I do with her now. Because of her, I have a new love and passion for yoga and her coaching me is only making me better in my practice. I would recommend her to the most seasoned athlete down to someone who is just getting into healthy living!!!! She will transform both immensely!!!!!!

Danielle Denlein, Activist, Wife & Mom, Go RedDanielle Denlein, Activist, Wife & Mom, Go Red

I thought I knew it all, I thought I knew all about how to eat clean, keep chemicals and toxins out of my body by eating organic foods. That was until I met Kimberly. When I began Gut Check 21 my vision of food changed forever. Kimberly brought new light to how my body processed food. She taught me most of my eating was based on habit. By journal/writing it became clear to me she was right. My biggest challenge is snacking, Kimberly taught me instead of grabbing for a granola bar, or yogurt, she taught me to eat real food. Having a sweet potato or salad for a snack became my new habit. My biggest take away from Gut Check 21 was learning about the toxins from bottom feeder fish and pork!  I have a heart condition and I have to take medication daily, which is filled with toxins.  it is very important to me that I eat clean and steer away from toxins so my body can process and I can live a long life. The support and education that I received and continue to receive from Kimberly is priceless and a lifelong invest! Her weekly emails, recipes, tips, shortcuts etc are so helpful and she’s with you every step way. So what are you waiting for? Invest in yourself, call Kimberly today.

Thank you from the bottom of my stented heart-


Stephanie Blassingame, CEO, Mom’s Kidz Kab of the UpstateStephanie Blassingame, CEO, Mom’s Kidz Kab of the Upstate

Kimberly Joy & I have blossomed over several years into an awesome & healthy friendship.  She not only cares about your physical health, but she cares about your whole being.  She’s truthful with you & extremely knowledgeable about health & fitness. She’s not a doctor but she will research & study your specific health needs to help get you to the best place possible at that moment in your life.  Kimberly Joy is not strict or mean in her training, but she is consistent & encouraging & doesn’t have a problem working out along with you. Five things that I have learned from her are: 1) True friendships develop day by day 2) A healthy life is a balanced life & you have to work at it daily 3) You can’t work on everything every day. Try accomplishing 3 things a day. 4) Proper form makes for a great workout 5) Losing belly fat starts in the kitchen.