I am from His thought first, here by purpose not chance. My definition of happy is living authentically as the person God created me to be. I love a good salad and listening to FKG on Spotify as I work or drive. I love coaching people and helping them find their authenticity. I want people to find the real moments of life that matter. Ignorance makes me sad. I believe we were designed to love each other not hate and we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Stay real and real will stay with you.

I believe we all can operate in our zone-of-genius (read The Big Leap). I want to help people find the environment where they thrive. Remember a fish out of the water usually dies. I love to teach. Breaking down complicated topics in health and wellness so everyone can understand is my mission. I’m happiest when I have a microphone in my hand and a crowd in front of me, be it fitness classes, health talks, or on stage as a fictional character. I’m most satisfied when I stop to listen for 60 minutes every two weeks for six months and help guide a client to their truth and authenticity.

I want my soul to radiate TRUTH, DEPTH, PEACE, and one word I’ll only utter to my husband!

Your choices either support life or death.

I love Thursday and the day before vacation begins because it means I always have something to look forward to. I’m not “in” the moment but leading up to it. I don’t enjoy big parties, but I love a cup of tea on a rainy day and talking to one friend for hours on deep and contemplative subjects that have no “certifiable” answers.

I’m here by purpose not chance and so are YOU, so…Let’s Do All Things With JOY!

It’s raining JOY!

I'm passionate about my role as a wife and mother. While I love coaching and acting most people that know I am a well devoted wife and mom. I stopped working full time when both of my sons were born to pour into them and make sure someone was home when they got home from school. I value quality time at home with my husband just watching movies or jumping on the back of his motorcycle and riding nowhere special pretty fast.

I want nothing more than to have made a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with and help them see JESUS and the love of YAHWEH, not me.