Health coaching

Joyful Nourishment: Health Coaching

My passion is helping you find health and wellness so you can pursue passion and purpose. I love helping you connect the dots of your life to bring about physical and internal transformation. This website is mainly dedicated to my health coaching practice. It’s packed with loads of information and will help you get started in your transformation process.

I work with my clients to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.

Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationships as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. I would love to work with you as your health coach so please fill out the health history form on the scheduling page. Once I receive it, we will schedule your consultation.

Life Coaching

Joyful Inspiration: Life Coaching

I love helping draw out your own wisdom to help maximize work or personal potentials. I try to get you to look inward to identify problems that are holding you back. I help you understand “you” really do have all the answers you just might need help with finding a solution. I might ask you "What has to happen for you to achieve this?" This separates what must happen from what's negotiable. You will discover there are certain steps that you cannot avoid when solving the problem.

I love to "reframe" situations, such as suggesting a client view something differently or get the client to pinpoint excuses versus true obstacles. We will usually spend 6 months working together to get you to your visions and goals. I would love to work with you as your life coach so please fill out the health history form on the scheduling page. Once I receive your information, we will schedule your consultation.

Joyful Momentum: Fitness Coaching

I love helping women sculpt and shape the body of their dreams. I truly recognize we all have different passions when it comes to physical activities. Some people enjoy lifting weights, some love yoga, some love taking classes, others love running or hiking outdoors… That’s why one size fits all workouts don’t work for the long haul.

What makes me unique as a Fitness Coach/Trainer is the fact that I work with everyone’s bio-individual needs and I listen to you. Together we find the right activities and the perfect combination of frequency and duration to help you sculpt your body into its desired form. I also am a certified Health Coach and this allows me to help you find the right lifestyle choices and eating habits to support your fitness goals. I work with people all around the world to help them get to their desired end. Contact me set up your consultation.