Momentum Not Motion

Momentum Group Coaching


The Woman READY to make CHANGES...
Looking for women who REALLY want to see changes in their life!


A 12-month training intensive group LIFE coaching session.

This is NOT going to be an easy process, but it's going to be PHENOMENAL. I'm going to get all into your life and we are going to deconstruct patterns and habits. We are going to conquer fear and make moves. You will have to read a book a month (10 pages a day) and a watch weekly video. You will have one Private 60-minute one-on-one session per month and one Group Session per month. You will be accountable to me and the other women in the program. You will have to accomplish small weekly tasks towards your goal. I know this is not for everyone; however, if you really want to CHANGE and want someone to push you and encourage you this IS for you!



Now - 12/31/2021


Starts 1/1/2021 ends 12/31/2021


Zoom Internet Conferencing Call(a free app/program)
In person, if you live in Southeast Florida


I want to be able to serve everyone who has the desire to have a Life Coach, Health Coach, and Business Coach all rolled up in ONE!   I meet so many women who want to get healthy and complete major life goals but they need help and accountability to see "it" to completion.


Momentum Not Motion Program

Let me know you are in by 12/31/20. I’m only taking 10 women (The first 10 get in). This program is 75 a month. I would do this program with 6 committed women for free, but I KNOW that we only value what we spend time or money on. This small amount places value on your GOALS and your desires. You will put in the time because you’ve placed VALUE on your goals.



  • Laura Colson McLean

    "Kimberly Joy Morgan is a definitely "a joy"! She has assisted me with restoring my joy and loving myself again. Through her coaching, I have returned to focusing on me and my passion and purpose. Her one-on-one sessions allow me to have someone neutral to talk to and be inspired to take leaps of faith to accomplish my goals and overcome my fears. In addition, our group sessions with other women allowed me to engage with others and create bonds and networks to assist with additional support and encouragement. In only a few months, her knowledge and genuine compassion has allowed me to live my true self, live in the moment, and live with no regrets.

    I can go on and on..let me know if this is enough."

    ─ Laura Colson McLean


  • Perky Dean

    "Momentum Not Motion was just the program I needed to hold me accountable to accomplish the goals I had in "my head." Kimberly, through her program, helped me become more accountable to myself and disciplined in my daily tasks. She is an AMAZING Coach. I've watched her live out her message for years before connecting with her.

    The value I've received from her coaching FAR exceeds the monetary investment I've made. She certainly adds value to her services. Because of her leadership, I AM on target to finish the year strong in achieving the goals I finally "wrote down" at the beginning of the program. I definitely have Momentum and not just Motion in my life now. Thanks for pushing me to success!"

    ─Perky Dean

  • Sharonda Webb

    "I have been part of Momentum Not Motion since January of 2018 and started the year with 3 specific goals in mind. I remember thinking that my goals had been ones I have made for several years but had been unable accomplished them. When I read through the elements of the program, I jumped at the chance to be part of it. Kimberly does an amazing job of using accountability and transparency to engage and lift us to become best selves. She strikes a fine balance between identifying and understanding where we are in our processes while offering effective and meaningful tools to move us forward to success. Having the support of one on one coaching from Kimberly and a group experience with other people involved with this program has made all the difference for me. I am extremely grateful for the solid practices I have gained through this program that I know will help me clearly define and accomplish my goals from now on."

    ─Sharonda Webb